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Meet your new setup machinist!
Do you want to increase your machine setup time speed and decrease your chances for operator errors to happen? Well, today we will be showing off Legacy’s solution to those questions. Introducing Legacy’s part & tool height measuring system, (aka) The Smart-Tool TouchPad.

Here is a summary of what sets the Smart Tool Touchpad apart.
– Automatically setup the tool offsets for individual or multiple tools.
– Setup tool offsets for Legacy’s three workstations including the Horizontal & Vertical Tables and the Turning Center.
– All Touch-Off procedures come pre-programmed with the machine.
– Smart-Tool is included with every Legacy CNC purchase.
Get a Legacy CNC and buy time with the Smart-Tool Touchpad feature!

Manual Touchoff Method – 0:37
Smart-Tool for A Single Tool – 1:30
Smart-Tool for Multiple Tools – 1:55
Smart-Tool for all workstations – 2:42

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