How to M1R (make one right) and M1L (make one left) Knitting Increase


The M1R knitting increase is really similar to the M1L increase. In fact, they’re two sides of the same coin!

Both the M1R and M1L are techniques that will increase your knitting by one stitch. The only difference is the direction of the increase. The M1R increase slants to the right, while the M1L slants to the left.

Sometimes a knitting pattern will simply ask you to “M1” (aka. “make one”). In these situations, you can knit an M1R or an M1L. It’s totally up to you.

While working an M1R or M1L, you might wonder why you need to slip the strand of yarn from one needle to another. It seems complicated, right?

The purpose of picking from the back or front and slipping to and fro is to ensure that the strand of yarn is TWISTED. This ensures that the increased stitch does not have a big hole in it. That extra twist keeps the stitch tight.

So, when you knit into your twisted stitch, you should feel a bit of resistance. If the picked-up stitch is loose, then you know that you haven’t twisted the stitch properly.


00:47 M1R method 1
2:08 M1R method 2
2:34 M1L method 1
3:34 M1L method 2

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