Canadian Knitting (vs. Continental, English, Portuguese) + FREE PATTERN | Off Our Needles S3E4

What’s the nicest style of knitting? Canadian, of course! Join Tracie and Jodi for a lesson in knitting styles, and find out what it takes to knit like a Canadian! Episode Links below! 👇

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About this show
Hold onto your needles! Tracie and Jodi, a.k.a. the Grocery Girls, are here to dish out fresh fiber inspiration. From project picks to wooly good gossip, things are about to get super knitty… and maybe just a little nutty.

About the hosts
Meet our knitters up north, sisters Jodi and Tracie, a.k.a. the Grocery Girls. They’re here to chat yarn, the pleasures of matching PJs and the perfection of tea + knitting. No guarantees they’ll keep things PG!

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